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EMI Suppression Capacitor

X2 class Suppression capacitor is approved by the UL, VDE as well as several other Scandinavian agencies. General application is RF/ Microwave and for solving Interference problems.

Capacitance ranges from 0.0022UF to 4.7UF with voltage of 275VAC.

EMI Suppression Capacitor List

Series SCX
Feature X2 class
Capacitance range 0.0022uF to 4.7uF
Voltage 250VAC, 275VAC
Tolerance ±10%
Operating Temperature -40℃ ~ + 100℃
Approval UL, VDE and other safety standard approval
Photo SCX X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film capacitor

X2 EMI Suppression Film Capacitor

Semec SCX series X2 Suppression film capacitor features value from 0.0022uF to 4.7uF and with pitch from 10mm to 27.5mm. It is ideal for Ideal for filters, power supplies, and mains applications.

SCX series X2 Suppression film capacitor offer tolerance ±10%. For some different values, different case sizes are available for choice which is more suitable for different PCB design. The rated voltage is 250VAC or 275VAC.

This SCX X2 Capacitor is usually supplied with standard long leads, or also can be cut to shorter leads. Standard offer is bulk pack.