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Semec manufactures and markets capacitors, varistors, trimming potentiometers and diode. The broad product portfolio is ideal for wide range of application, including automotive, communication, lighting, industrial and consumer field. The product portfolio including Film capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors, EMI suppression capacitor, Varistor, Diode and Trimming Potentiometers. These electronic components are used throught electrical engineering and electronics.

Film Capacitors

Film CapacitorsSemec Film capacitors are available with Polyester, Metallized Polyester, Metallized Polypropylene and High voltage Polypropylene type.

For Value and voltage, we have offer from 100PF to 10UF and from 63V to 2000V, among this you can find 250VAC type MKT, 275VAC X2 Capacitor and 1000V~ 2000V Polypropylene film cap etc.
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Ceramic Capacitors

Ceramic CapacitorsSemec Ceramic capacitors are available with High Voltage type, low voltage Ceramic Disc type, Radial Multilayer and Chip MLCC. Voltage range from 16V, 25V, 50V, 63V, 100V, 500V, 1KV, 2KV and max reach 50KV for high Voltage Ceramic cap.

Different material ( NPO, X7R, Y5V) make ceramic capacitor used in different application, which are suitable for low-lost circuits, timing and tuning applications etc.
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Tantalum Capacitors

Tantalum CapacitorsSemec offer Dipped Tantalum and Chip Tantalum capacitor. Both type are with excellent temperature stability and suitable for small electronic devices application.

Capacitance up to 470uF and voltage ranges up to 50V.

For Chip Tantalum, Case S, A, B, C, D and E are available.
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EMI Suppression Capacitor

EMI Suppression CapacitorX2 class Suppression capacitor is approved by the UL, VDE as well as several other Scandinavian agencies. General application is RF/ Microwave and for solving Interference problems.

Capacitance ranges from 0.0022UF to 4.7UF with voltage of 275VAC.
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SMD Rectifier M1-M7

M7Semec M1 ~ M7 is SMA package (DO-21A4), RoHS compliant. Especially M7 has wide application. The Tape & Reel packing make it ideal for surface mount pick.
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VaristorZinc Oxide Varistor can offer different diameters like 05D, 07D, 10D, 14D and 20D. You can make easy choice upon what you need to protect the circuit.

Common packing is Bulk, Ammo and Tape & Reel Packing are also available for some items upon special request.
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Trimming Potentiometers

Trimming PotentiometersTrimming Potentiometers are used to measure or divide voltages and to protect or control circuits. Semec make good offer for Trimming Potentiometers.

Single turn: 3386, 3362, Multi turn: 3296, 3006, 3266.
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