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Hot Products

Semec ongoing development efforts lead below existing hot selling products:

  1. SMD Rectifier M1-M7 (SMA package). SCM series PDF download.
  2. Y1/Y2 Safety standard Ceramic Capacitor. SCY series PDF download.
  3. Varistor (Zinc Oxide Varistor). SCV series PDF download.

Semec Varistor offer a cost-effective solution for low-voltage logic requiring a low protection level and low standby current, as well as for ac power line and high capacity, utility-type application. Also, varistors can absorb much higher transient energies and can suppress positive and negative transients. Furthermore, against crowbar-type devices, varistor response time is typically less than a nanosecond, and devices can be built to withstand surges of up to a 70,000A surge. They have a long lifetime compared with diodes, and the varistor failure mode is a short circuit. This prevents damage to the load that may result if failure of the protection circuit is undetected. Varistors typically offer cost savings over crowbar-type devices.

Semec Y class Safety Ceramic Capacitor ( Y1:400VAC, Y2: 250VAC) which is ideal use cross in the line applications.

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